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  • Intake

    1. Intake

    You reach out to our intake department to obtain an application, and submit all requested patient information including the doctor’s diagnosis and your child’s insurance card.

  • Authorization

    2. Authorization

    KBS contacts your insurance to determine if you have coverage for ABA services. Once we know that you are approved, a BCBA may be assigned to your case.

  • Assessment

    3. Assessment

    In order to determine how many hours of ABA your child needs, the BCBA conducts an in depth assessment of your child in your home.

  • Approval

    4. Approval

    After the assessment is submitted to your insurance carrier, the carrier approves a specific number of hours of service per week for your child. This approval process can take up to 15 business days.

  • Therapy

    5. Therapy

    Your assigned BCBA will develop a treatment plan to be implemented by the ABA paraprofessionals, who are under constant supervision. The BCBA will also provide family training and support.

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