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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs ABA therapy?

If your child is being treated for autism or developmental disabilities, chances are he or she can greatly benefit from ABA therapy. The decision to pursue it rests solely in your hands, and we invite you to contact Kansas to learn more and schedule an in-home assessment. To learn about the most common symptoms, click click here.

What can I expect to pay for ABA therapy?

Very little co-payment. Kansas is recognized by most insurance carriers offering either coverage or reimbursement. To learn more, please visit our Insurance section.

What is the process to sign up for ABA therapy?

It starts with one phone call to Kansas. The ideal method for developing a fitting program for your child is to have one of our board-certified BCBAs visit your family at home. Once we assess your child’s needs, we’ll guide you through therapy scheduling and administration. Click here to apply.

Where is KBS located?

Kansas provides ABA therapy and related services to families across the entire state of Kansas.

How many hours a week do most children receive ABA services?

Based on research, Kansas implements 15-25 hours per week to effect a tangible difference in your child's progress and retention of critical skills. Thereafter, your child can easily apply the skills learned to other settings throughout the home and beyond.

Does Kansas provide ongoing child supervision?

Our BCBAs supervise while our highly skilled aides execute your child’s treatment plan. Parent involvement is also a conduit for greater success, which is why we create a collaborative environment of care.

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